Chemonics International Inc. Policy Advisor


Economist with 24 years of experience in public policy and legislative drafting, sustainable and integrated development, agriculture, and environment in Bolivia. For USAID/Bolivia, drafted law on agricultural technology system. Was vice-minister for environment and natural resources and promoted leading public policy reforms on sustainable forestry. Headed government agency charged with implementing novel forestry management model, regulating the forestry sector, granting forest concessions, and collecting an area-based forestry tax. As advisor to the Ministry of the Presidency drafted norms to define decentralized functions within prefectures. Has led regional and sectoral advocacy groups to promote development. Native Spanish speaker.

EDUCATION B.A., economics, Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 1967.


2003-present Executive director, Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEDES), Bolivia. Organized and rolled-out local branch of World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Representative consultancies:

• Consultant, Market Access and Poverty Alleviation Program, USAID/Bolivia and Chemonics, La Paz. Drafted law for Bolivian Agricultural Technology System (SIBTA) to be presented to Ministry of Agriculture, including terms to increase law’s efficiency and sustainability. (2004)

• Consultant, Sustainable Forestry Development Project, USAID/Bolivia and Chemonics, Santa Cruz. Developed integrated development program for Amazon region and presented program to government officials, economic and social actors, and potential financing sources. (2003)
2002-2003 Vice minister, Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning, La Paz, Bolivia. Responsible for directing and articulating public policies on environment. Promoted public policy on natural resource management and use, sustainable forestry management, biodiversity, protected areas management, watershed management, environmental impact mitigation, and establishing mechanisms to guarantee transparency for environmental management and allow citizens to know and act upon their environmental rights.

1997-2002 Superintendent, Forestry Superintendency, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Implemented and managed new forestry model for country. Coordinated superintendency’s activities with central and departmental governmental
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agencies, beneficiaries, business leaders, farmers, and indigenous population to apply the forestry law. Managed technical assistance provided through international donors to strengthen the superintendency.
1996-1997 Advisor, Governance project, Ministry of the President, La Paz, Bolivia. Designed model for prefectural administration and local decision-making. Drafted norms to define decentralized functions within prefecture.

1992-1996 Consultant, Institute for Planning G.M.B.H, Santa Cruz Prefecture and KFW/Germany. Drafted department soil management plan. Coordinated activities with national, regional, and local governments, agricultural and livestock interests, and indigenous population. Advocated and explained advantages of technical norms to regulate sustainable soil use and improvements to historical land uses. Designed administrative structure to apply plan.

1987-1992 Operations officer, Andean Development Corporation, Caracas, Venezuela. For regional entity providing capital resources and wide range of financial services to public and private sectors of shareholder countries, advised, promoted, and evaluated credit operations in Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. Identified potential projects following policy guidelines. Structured credit operations. Presented project evaluations to board of directors.

1985-1987 Advisor and general manager, Western Agricultural Chamber, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Led regional advocacy group to promote agricultural sector. Advised on regional and national agricultural policies and on increasing agricultural production and productivity as an engine to promote national growth.

1984-1985 Consultant, rural development, Velasco Province Rural Development Program, IP/GTZ, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Designed and implemented program benefiting farmer and indigenous communities. Developed model productive farm using self-produced and market products, created market opportunities for organic coffee in Germany, and began small-scale industrialization process. Additional activities include:

• General manager, Santa Cruz Development Corporation, Bolivia. Responsible for managing portfolio, planning, and technical and administrative management for regional development. (1984)

1983 Manager, Development Finance Project, Santa Cruz Development Corporation, Bolivia. Designed, implemented, and supervised a regional financial entity.

PERSONAL Bolivian citizen.

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